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author: ROBERT CROMA – duration: 02:15

Here are some of the comments on this powerful video by Croma (as found on his site):

David writes: “That was really hard to watch. It stirred up way too many emotions for my comfort level. Extremely well done”
Cheryl: “Ow. Ow. Oh. Audio: vibrated my kidneys somehow. Confused the heck out of me. Video: broke my heart”
Philip Campbel: “So powerful. so moving. so razorlike pain, so unforgiving.”
Indielab: “Compelling. Thought-provoking. Maddening. Etc, etc, etc…”
Sull: “Disruptive piece. Fascinating murderous wonder”

We completely endorse these statements. We bow deeply to Robert Croma.

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authors: THE UPTAKE – duration: 03:10

A Revlog by our beloved CITIZEN REPORTER BICYCLEMARK (Mark Foncesca Rendeiro):

“How often, anywhere in the world, do you see protesters standing outside the home of an elected official? Take it one step further: how often do you see an elected leader (in this case SENATOR NORM COLEMAN) of one of the highest offices in the country, standing in front of his house openly having an unscripted debate with protesters who disagree with him in front of his house? Now add the video aspect; record, post, and let everyone on the internet see the result of this exchange.

That is basically what you get with this entry on Minnesota Stories via a site called The Uptake. A civic moment that might look very web 2.0 but is actually one of the oldest democratic traditions of all time.”

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authors: WINNING HEARTS AND MINDS – duration: 03:27

It is a fascinating development indeed: Vlogging American soldiers! Winning Hearts ans Minds, a new video weblog … “chronicles the mission of the 321st Civil Affairs in Afghanistan. Their sole mission is to bring order to devastated lands, while winning the hearts and minds of people that live there.”

Of course one needs to be suspicious: Are we being tricked? Is this a clever way of the American Army to win OUR hearts and minds? Let alone that the term ‘”winning hearts and minds” derives from the Vietnam war, a not-so-successful American operation, to say the least from the ongoing Iraq disaster. Even so, it is worthwhile to follow these Civil Affairs chaps; you get a glimpse of the life of ordinary soldiers amidst a cuckoo habitat.

In this revlog… “Sgts Kling, Carillo, Reisz and Cpt Corsten meet the children of the community and then take time out inside the secured compound. Sgt Kling discusses what it takes to make a difference in Afghanistan, before experiencing the taste sensation of the region’s first fast food restaurant. Basically, everything tastes like chicken …”.

Equipment was provided and editing undertaken pro bono by Q2 ENTERTAINMENT, a New York based media company.
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author: ALIVE IN BAGHDAD – duration: 04:56

We stay in the Middle East, moving towards Baghdad, Iraq. Here Omar Abdullah, Isam Rasheed and others are producing their weekly video weblog Alive in Baghdad. The vlog was founded late fall 2005 by a young American journalist, Brian Conley. He wanted to empower Iraqis, to “share their stories with the world, providing a place of education and interaction for global citizens interested in the real life political, military, economic and social situation in Iraq”.

Now here we see the true power of citizen journalism or whatever you want to call it. As Brian Conley writes: “We endeavor to cut through the red tape and politics of corporate news and deliver the real stories, from real people, everyday.”

How is it to be a CAR BOMB SURVIVOR, or to be a DETAINED ABU GHRAIB PRISONER? Some of you will be annoyed by the complete absence of critical questions to a terrorist (freedom fighter some will say) like YUSEF RABABA. At least your humble editor was. But the reports are genuine and worthwhile watching indeed.

We revlog their latest posting FOUR YEARS LATER, SPEAKING TO THE AMERICANS: “On the fourth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, Alive in Baghdad brings you an assortment of Arabs and Iraqis speaking about life in Iraq and some thoughts they have for Americans and the world.”

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