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authors: WINNING HEARTS AND MINDS – duration: 03:27

It is a fascinating development indeed: Vlogging American soldiers! Winning Hearts ans Minds, a new video weblog … “chronicles the mission of the 321st Civil Affairs in Afghanistan. Their sole mission is to bring order to devastated lands, while winning the hearts and minds of people that live there.”

Of course one needs to be suspicious: Are we being tricked? Is this a clever way of the American Army to win OUR hearts and minds? Let alone that the term ‘”winning hearts and minds” derives from the Vietnam war, a not-so-successful American operation, to say the least from the ongoing Iraq disaster. Even so, it is worthwhile to follow these Civil Affairs chaps; you get a glimpse of the life of ordinary soldiers amidst a cuckoo habitat.

In this revlog… “Sgts Kling, Carillo, Reisz and Cpt Corsten meet the children of the community and then take time out inside the secured compound. Sgt Kling discusses what it takes to make a difference in Afghanistan, before experiencing the taste sensation of the region’s first fast food restaurant. Basically, everything tastes like chicken …”.

Equipment was provided and editing undertaken pro bono by Q2 ENTERTAINMENT, a New York based media company.
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