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authors: WRECK & SALVAGE – duration: 03:19

It’s REVOLUTION TIME @ United Vloggers. Our Brethren from WRECK & SALVAGE did it again (and more in particular, magic mixmaster AARON VALDEZ). Only published yesterday and already an instant classic & Milestone in Videoblogging… It is strongly recommended to drink or smoke a little something beforehand. Or what the heck, stay sober & unite! And please do subscribe to these revolutionaries. For further links see below.

“…The doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power, and oppression, is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind…. Whenever the ends of government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the people may, and of right ought to reform the old, or establish A NEW GOVERNMENT.”

Mail us your Milestones @ submissions[at]unitedvloggers[dot]com

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author: DAVE HUTH – duration: 01:37

“We reap what we sow”…That’s all there is to say according to Dave Huth about his latest video. We revlogged one of his works before (CLICK HERE) for we do believe Dave Huth is a true vlog talent. But with this particular posting he promises to be up for another VLOGGIE this year. We just say Wow! Watch Dave’s daughter GLADIOLA proclaim a new revolution: All Toddlers Unite!

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author: WESTACRE TV – duration: 02:52

Smartly written, very well acted and terribly witty. We hereby proclaim WestAcre TV, “the Greatest Story of the Mall”, to be VERY FUNNY INDEED. Thus being said you are kindly invited to subscribe to their RSS FEED and enjoy their latest episodes. Moreover, pay their site a visit and watch all episodes from the start, for it is a series that grows on you; the more you watch it, the better it gets.

Honestly inspired by THE OFFICE and the working experience at a Mall of writer and director Patrick Swinnea, it tells the story of… “the comical goings-on of the WestAcre Centre Shopping Mall employees. We originally created a single 80-minute MOVIE, looked at the exciting things happening in video podcasting and realized that WestAcre was perfect material for an episodic series. So we segmented the entire movie into WestAcre TV: Season 1, letting anyone watch it with the click of a button and allowing WestAcre to evolve according to viewer response. Best of all, it opens up the possibility for future WestAcre shorts and WestAcre TV: Season 2, all things that weren’t even possible just a few years ago.”

It’s the weekend, Go have a guffaw!

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author: JOLIE BLOND aka MARQUISDEJOLIE – duration: 01:26

It’s the 13th, time for a little nightmare; a short video we particularly like. Jolie Blond aka Marquisdejolie is a remarkable videoblogger. He is a former army veteran and vagabond who found a mission to…“write stories and produce factotum videos about bums, beggars, transients, hobos, vagrants, panhandlers, homeless veterans, the working homeless, homeless on wheels, idlers, slackers, crackheads, crack motels, lubbards, lobcocks, macrogasters, tweekers, chiromaniacs, creepies, creodants, crepehangers, face lickers, call girls, crack hos, strawberries, urban nomads and all manner of street denizens.”

We revlogged one of his bewitching poems before, CONTEMPLATING THE ENAMEL OF MORTALITY, in which tooth decay is used as a metaphor for aging and mortality. In our new revlog, Nicotine Toothache ChaCha, Marquisdejolie continues “about a toothache that made smoking painful and the cha cha I had to do to enjoy both.” Simply mesmerizing.

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