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authors: ROBERT CROMA, J. S. BACH & GLENN GOULD – duration: 02:35

“November was NaBloPoMo.”

“Say What?”

“National Blog Posting Month.”



“Posting every day, for one month.”

“For What? Peace? Thank god someone got ill!”
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authors: BREAK A LEG – duration: 04:37

Watch this waggish entre-acte from Break a Leg. Sitcom writer David Penn (played by director & co-writer Yuri Baranovsky) gets some cutting-edge suggestions for a better Internet show by his new nifty unasked-for bodyguard.

We revlogged their first baby half a year ago – CHECK!

Introduction by Michael Schaap.

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author: MICHAEL VERDI – duration: 03:00

Dear daughters and filming fatherhood. And the coming of age… Michael Verdi did it again.

Introduction by Mo & Michael Schaap.

UPDATE: An Incredible Discussion is going on @ michaelverdi.com – some people got very angry about this video – check THE COMMENTS. You’ll also find there a video response from Michael and his daughters.

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authors: LERNERT ENGELBERTS and SANDER PLUG – duration: 02:55

Oy Gevalt, the horror. And quite brilliant actually, come to think of it. Made by Sander Plug & Lernert Engelberts, the latter being a poet and filmmaker and a very dear & beloved former colleague @ Dutch public broadcaster VPRO. I do believe Lernert is a conceptual genius. Most of his work is in Dutch (see links below) but you’ll find a showreel with English subs by CLICKING HERE.

Chocolate Bunny was commissioned by CUT ‘N PASTE and sardonically this little masterpiece was transmitted by catholic broadcaster KRO and more specific, as part of their children’s program KRO’S KINDERTIJD.

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Engelbert’s television work is somewhat scattered around the net. Some links: WASKRACHT, HET GELUK VAN NEDERLAND & WROETEN