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author: KIRI DAVIS – duration: 07:15

Should we revlog something that is neither coming from a weblog, nor made recently? Yes we should, for this is a true gem that needs to be seen by as many people. It is a 7 minutes film made in late fall 2005 by director Kiri Davis, at that time 16 years old. In the movie she talks with her girlfriends about being black, focussing on the standards of beauty imposed on black girls and how this affects their self-image.

Halfway her film Davis repeats a disturbing doll test that was originally conducted more than 50 years ago by the Afro-American groundbraking psychologist KENNETH B. CLARK. At that time the results of the test helped to make the case for desegregation in the landmark Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision outlawing segregated public schools. Half a century later the results of Kiri Davis’s test are as shocking as can be.

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This film was produced under the auspices of REEL WORKS TEEN FILMMAKING.

“Reel Works Teen Filmmaking, supported by HBO, is a free after-school program that challenges high school students to create short documentary films about their lives. Working one-on-one with professional filmmaker-mentors, students write, shoot and edit personal narrative videos on subjects they choose. In the process, they gain self-esteem, develop media literacy and master state-of-the-art digital filmmaking technology.”


author: ALIVE IN BAGHDAD – duration: 04:56

We stay in the Middle East, moving towards Baghdad, Iraq. Here Omar Abdullah, Isam Rasheed and others are producing their weekly video weblog Alive in Baghdad. The vlog was founded late fall 2005 by a young American journalist, Brian Conley. He wanted to empower Iraqis, to “share their stories with the world, providing a place of education and interaction for global citizens interested in the real life political, military, economic and social situation in Iraq”.

Now here we see the true power of citizen journalism or whatever you want to call it. As Brian Conley writes: “We endeavor to cut through the red tape and politics of corporate news and deliver the real stories, from real people, everyday.”

How is it to be a CAR BOMB SURVIVOR, or to be a DETAINED ABU GHRAIB PRISONER? Some of you will be annoyed by the complete absence of critical questions to a terrorist (freedom fighter some will say) like YUSEF RABABA. At least your humble editor was. But the reports are genuine and worthwhile watching indeed.

We revlog their latest posting FOUR YEARS LATER, SPEAKING TO THE AMERICANS: “On the fourth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, Alive in Baghdad brings you an assortment of Arabs and Iraqis speaking about life in Iraq and some thoughts they have for Americans and the world.”

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