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author: SCRATCH VIDEO – duration: 01:11

And good morning to you! This video was made by Scratch Video. Scratch writes:

“I work as a documentary film editor in NYC by day and make these small pieces by night. It’s a nice balance. Scratch is the name of my character that makes these films.”

She then cites the following fantastic quote from François Truffaut from 1957, worth publishing here as well:

“The film of tomorrow appears to me as even more personal than an individual and autobiographical novel, like a confession, or a diary. The young filmmakers will express themselves in the first person and will relate what has happened to them: it may be the story of their first love or their most recent; of their political awakening; the story of a trip, a sickness, their military service, their marriage, their last vacation… and it will be enjoyable because it will be true and new… The film of tomorrow will not be directed by civil servants of the camera, but by artists for whom shooting a film constitutes a wonderful and thrilling adventure. The film of tomorrow will resemble the person who made it, and the number of spectators will be proportional to the number of friends the director has. The film of tomorrow will be an act of love.”

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There’s a new vlog around, called INVISIBLE PEOPLE. It is made by Mark:

“Who am I? My name is Mark and I live in Los Angeles which I affectionately call LaLa Land… I literally am 7 weeks from being homeless myself, but I had to do something – so I started a vlog that will hopefully keep the homeless conversation going by telling their story. Technically it could be better. I don’t have anything but this little laptop that is not made to cut video and a small camera. It’s a miracle that the laptop is even allowing me to compress the data. I just took action with what I have.”

Mark became some sort of (reborn) Christian, after a living a life as homeless person for many years. He dicided to record and publish raw and unedited interviews with people living on the streets. Listen to the story of another Mark, who was working until recently for an oil and gas company in Beverly Hills and who got fired because he criticized his company for lying about their profits and returns:

“At first Mark didn’t want to talk on camera. We chatted for a bit and as I started to walk away he asked for a business card. He wanted to know what the video would be used for, how it would be used, and what organizations I was connected to. I assured him this project was completely independent and my only agenda was to tell the homeless story with real people telling real stories unedited and uncensored. Mark is extremely intelligent and articulate. His story really wrecked me because I could identify with so much of it. This is a great story. I hope Mark’s story and the other stories on this vlog inspires you to continue the homeless conversation.”

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duration: 05:35

We are delighted to present you this wonderful video from THE TAKE AWAY SHOWS (Les Concerts à Emporter), our third revlog from their hands (check out TOM BROSSEAU & BEIRUT). They have redefined the landscape of videoblogging by a simple though very original concept:

“You meet a band. You take them outside, in the streets, and ask them to play there, shoot the movie in one unique shot, whatever happens… Every week, we give away a session, shot with a band, in an unusual, urban environment. Sessions are always filmed as a unique shot, without any cut, recorded live. We usually haven’t much time to record them, so the groups have to be spontaneous, to improvise, play with what they have with them, and with their environment, whether there’s a public or not.”

And all this is done with exceptional love & devotion, shot in High Definition (very well shot actually) and presented with flair and style. Thank you Vincent Moon, Chryde & all others from the French weblog LA BLOGOTHEQUE.

One day in October they were recording another band when they bumped into Bloc Party:

“While the Germans were playing, Kele Okereke popped out of the bar. He was standing next to me, asked who were the guys singing, and what they were doing here. I told him it was a Take Away Show, and he said, shyly “Oh great, that’s good”. I patted him on the back, joked “Hey, good timing, after that, it’s your turn!” We’d been told it would not be easy. A year before, we already tried to set a Take Away Show with them in London, with the support of JD Beauvallet, but nothing could convince them: they never play acoustic, they’re very shy, it’s impossible. So, back to the present, on October 14th, we tried harder.

We had some help. Matthieu, of Coop, was drunk and happy. Both the band’s managers were drunk and happy. We were drunk and happy, and that’s how Kele found himself pressed against a wall, facing a dozen of enthusiastic people, urging him to play a song. We cut, during the editing, because it took us 25 minutes to talk them into doing it. Just enough time to stop him from running away… Everyone was speechless. There’s nothing more to add. Five minutes of rare sincerity, two artists doing something with no safety net and without really understanding why. They took that risk, and that’s what we thank them for.”

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(Shot in Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland by FABCHANNEL – (check it out: fantastic quality recordings, for free)


author: JORIS IVENS – duration: 15:36

This week in Amsterdam: The 21st edition of the International Documentary Film Festival or IDFA, the world’s largest and amongst filmmakers best known festival for docs. The ultimate prize to gain is the Joris Ivens Award, named after the controversial Dutch film pioneer. Controversial especially because of his communist believes, for he was a fine fellow traveler, admiring and meeting crooks like Stalin & Mao. Ivens (1898–1989) made a lot of propaganda films, most of them terrible to watch. The film we post today though has no political message and contains some charming imaging. Special for us Dutchies is to see pre-war Rotterdam since the city was bombed to ashes in 1940.

”As the film was intended to be a completely personal experiment, I was surprised by the favourable response it received from the public,” writes director Ivens in his Autobiography of a Filmmaker. Ivens started work on his film THE BRIDGE after having seen work by the European avant-garde at the Film Society. The absolute films of Walter Ruttmann and Hans Richter had made an especially strong impression on him.

When Ivens said what he was looking for – a lifeless subject with a wide variation of movement and shape – a railroad engineer suggested that he should take a look at the new railroad bridge over the river Maas in Rotterdam. It was exactly what he was looking for. ”For me, the bridge consisted of a laboratory of movements, hues, shapes, contrasts, rhythms and relations between all these elements.”

Trains passed by in a flash of black metal and white steam. Ships slowly sailed under it, hidden by gritty chimney smoke. According to Ivens, the lifting bridge formed an ode to modern engineering, with its revolving cable wheel and counterweights held up by shivering cables.” (text from Memory of the Netherlands)

Having no soundtrack (and no score known) we decided to add some Mahler to it, coming from the 7th Symphony, to be more precise, part II – Nachtmusik (Allegro Moderato) as played by the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra, directed by Bernard Haitink.

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