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authors: ROBERT CROMA, J. S. BACH & GLENN GOULD – duration: 02:35

“November was NaBloPoMo.”

“Say What?”

“National Blog Posting Month.”



“Posting every day, for one month.”

“For What? Peace? Thank god someone got ill!”
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authors: LERNERT ENGELBERTS and SANDER PLUG – duration: 02:55

Oy Gevalt, the horror. And quite brilliant actually, come to think of it. Made by Sander Plug & Lernert Engelberts, the latter being a poet and filmmaker and a very dear & beloved former colleague @ Dutch public broadcaster VPRO. I do believe Lernert is a conceptual genius. Most of his work is in Dutch (see links below) but you’ll find a showreel with English subs by CLICKING HERE.

Chocolate Bunny was commissioned by CUT ‘N PASTE and sardonically this little masterpiece was transmitted by catholic broadcaster KRO and more specific, as part of their children’s program KRO’S KINDERTIJD.

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Engelbert’s television work is somewhat scattered around the net. Some links: WASKRACHT, HET GELUK VAN NEDERLAND & WROETEN


authors: NINA SIMONDS and STEVE GARFIELD – duration: 03:08

It’s cooking time on United Vloggers! And to celebrate that and more we start from this week with personal introductions by UV editor Michael Schaap (MACDOCMAN). First a revlog from Spices of Life. This witty & wonderful video blog is produced and directed by the unsurpassed early birdy mothervlogger Steve Garfield, who is most famous for his weekly vlog VLOGSOUP (“videoblog tours start here… join me in a trip around the Vlogosphere…”). Spices of Life is hosted by the frivolous NINA SIMONDS, a former televison host and author of books and articles on Asian cuisine and culture. This revlog is part 1 from 2, an introduction to the Japanese Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto… and his knifes. To watch part 2 CLICK HERE.

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authors: RYANNE HODSON and JAY DEDMAN – duration: 09:54

A Word of Warning: This is a graphic video. If you do not eat meat and think killing animals is bad, you should not watch this video.

So you like chicken eh? We continue cooking time on UV with a revlog from the other two early birdy mothervloggers Ryanne Hodson & Jay Dedman. Besides being very lovely and friendly people they are certainly no hypocrites. As they write:

“We live at The San Mateo Eco-Village, where we know our neighbors, garden together and learn how to live more sustainably. Part of living sustainably is eating local foods. Harvesting food from the garden and raising hens for eggs is about as local as you can get. When our neighbors Amy and Malaki arrived at the Eco-Village, they noticed a lack of eggs coming from the hens. Both have an agricultural background from years of working on a farm in Kenya. What do they do in Kenya when a bird gets too old to lay? They eat it. The whole damn thing! So we, as a community, decided to do just that. Most of us had never experienced living with chickens, let alone killing them for dinner. Growing up in the United States allows us to be vastly ignorant of where our food comes from- meat and vegetables alike. We thought this would be a good education for us city kids.”

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