ALIVE IN BAGHDAD – "Alive in Baghdad is a weekly news program distributed via RSS. Our limited staff is able to post a video every Monday morning, so if you’re looking for more material please look through our archive. Alive in Baghdad employs Iraqi journalists to produce video packages each week about a variety of topics on daily life in Iraq. Through the work of a team of Americans and Iraqi correspondents on the ground, Alive in Baghdad shows the conflict through the voices of Iraqis. Alive in Baghdad brings testimonies from individual Iraqis, footage of daily life in Iraq, and short news segments from Iraq to you."


BETTER BAD NEWS – "BetterBadNews is a video blog using voice, character and audio visual support to extend and recontextualize the conversation. Blog text or any other material appearing in each BetterBadNews update is credited in the text of the video blog entry. Selected blog text is swiped into teleprompter software enabling a panel of on-camera talking heads or “blog speakers” to bring voice and character to moderated discussions and forums taking place online. Video clips are edited using imovie and updated often depending on the color coded threat levels in force at any given time of the year."


DAVE HUTH – "Dave Huth is a teacher, storyteller, picture maker, and whistler of jaunty tunes. He is a professor of visual communication and media arts at Houghton College in Western New York state. Dave’s obsessed with artistic narrative and community conversation as good ways to explore art, politics, religion, culture, and just about any good idea you can think of."


DAVID HOWELL STUDIOS – "Low budget and high tech. Mobile video. Out of your pocket and to the world in an instant. I shoot most of the videos in my spare moments or when the mood hits me right from from my cell phone, a Nokia N82. I can edit the videos I shoot right in the phone and then upload them directly to sites like YouTube, or Ovi. Other times, I use a free service called Qik. You install the application on your Symbian OS based cellphone and it streams your videos live over the internet, all the while archiving everything you shoot. Later, I can repost the videos that I want over on this site. Pretty cool huh? Mobile video has changed everything. No more lugging around big cameras, setting up shots or spending hours in an editing bay. It’s simple. Grab your cellphone and capture the moment. Upload it to an online service and your videos are ready for immediate viewing for friends, family and everyone around the world!"

GOODNIGHT BURBANK – "A little "The Office", a little "The Daily Show" and a lot of originality – that’s Goodnight Burbank, a fictional 11 O’Clock newscast delivered straight from Hollywood’s back yard"


MARQUISDEJOLIE – "I write stories and produce factotum videos about bums, beggars, transients, hobos, vagrants, panhandlers, homeless veterans, the working homeless, homeless on wheels, idlers, slackers, crackheads, crack motels, lubbards, lobcocks, macrogasters, tweekers, chiromaniacs, creepies, creodants, crepehangers, face lickers, call girls, crack hos, strawberries, urban nomads and all manner of street denizens. I was a photojournalist and brigade newspaper editor for the army, becoming editor in chief of the St. Mary’s University student newspaper when I left the military, did some federal civil service work for a while until the V.A. (Veterans Affairs – ed.) maliciously screwed me up with my employer, became editor of a national magazine, owned and operated an escort agency and then dropped through the social safety net where the V.A. abandoned me when I needed them most, cheap, rotten, atavistic, calculatingly neglectful, pissant, byzantinian bureaucratic straw boss hypocrite false facade bastards that they are".


MICHAEL VERDI – "I’m Michael Verdi. I usually just go by “Verdi” because, let’s face it, there are way too many Michaels in the world and Verdi is a pretty cool name for an artist. I’m 40 years old, married and the father of two beautiful daughters. I’ve done a lot of different things over the last 20 years – taught high school, ran a nationally recognized youth media program, performed on stage and I was even a nuclear mechanic on a submarine for a while. For the last four years I’ve been way into videoblogging and virtual worlds."


MOLOTOV ALVA – "In January 2007, a man named Molotov Alva, disappeared from his Californian home. Recently, a series of video dispatches by a Traveler of the same name have appeared within a popular online world called Second Life. In these dispatches Molotov Alva encounters everything from Furries to Cyberpunks to Neo-Luddites to Sex Slaves to the King of the Hobos, Orhalla Zander, who becomes Molotovs guide as he searches for the creator of their brave new world. Filmmaker Douglas Gayeton came across these video dispatches and put them together into a documentary of ten episodes. Here is an interview with Douglas Gayeton on SubmarineChannel."


MOMENTSHOWING – "What is Momentshowing? Well, it’s just a step beyond Storytelling, which was what we did when speaking was the only way to communicate. Now we are adding visual tools to our voices. You can record short Moments, arrange them, and post them with some words. I can then see people all over this planet show their world. Iraq, for instance. Michigan. Shinjuku. San Paulo. What’s it look like? News doesn’t show us but we can show each other. Funny, serious, weird. To me, this videoblogging thing is hot as shit. How often do you get to come in on something so new? My friend Peter and I jumped in after a two hour fevered talk through Central Park. Then we found other people on the web with simliar ideas. Make no mistake: we’re making all this up. We have a very active videoblogging discussion group HERE. Join up and help us develop the standards for getting video on the web. If you’re new to all this, check out the website that explains it all: Freevlog. Just get a blog, get a camera, and we’ll show you how to put video on the web."


NEXT TO HEAVEN – "I download movies from I watch the movies. I write and record new audio. I re-cut the video to the new audio. Every Wednesday there will be a new movie."


NOODLE SCAR – "Noodle Scar Daily is Quasi News in 30 second snippets featuring Bonny Pierzina.Noodle Scar Daily is produced by The Bui Brothers; Vu Bui and Lan Bui."


POURINGDOWN – “Daniel Liss transforms his urban existence into a sort of visual poetry, full of thoughtful observations, wry wit, and seductive imagery.” – Wired Magazine, May 2006


RYAN IS HUNGRY – "Jay and Ryanne are both ex-television producers and editors who were born anew into the videoblogging world in 2004. Ryanne is the Co-Author of Secrets of Videoblogging; Jay is the Co-Author of Extreme Tech: Videoblogging. Both are the Co-Founders of NODE101 an open source collaborative effort to teach videoblogging around the world. Our current, collaborative project is Show in a Box– hacking WordPress to become more video centric. RyanIsHungry features the stories of individuals hacking everyday life. By creating these documentaries, we hope to inspire others to live more sustainably and start exchanging notes on survival."

SILENTMIAOW – "This channel will mostly contain videos made about autistic liberation and disability rights, for the autistic self-advocacy website It also contains a few more personal videos. This is my public account. My private account is amandabaggs. These are the only two accounts I have on YouTube. Anyone else claiming to be me is trolling/hating. Videos are captioned (ever since I learned how to do it) because, aside from considerations about making things as accessible as possible, several of my blog readers are deaf or hard of hearing."

THE TAKE AWAY SHOWS – "You meet a band. You take them outside, in the streets, and ask them to play there, shoot the movie in one unique shot, whatever happens… Every week, we give away a session, shot with a band, in an unusual, urban environment. Sessions are always filmed as a unique shot, without any cut, recorded live. We usually haven’t much time to record them, so the groups have to be spontaneous, to improvise, play with what they have with them, and with their environment, whether there’s a public or not."

WRECK & SALVAGE – "Wreck & Salvage LLC is a collective of three like-minded video artists. We utilize original video, traditional, keyframe, and stop-motion animation to make some of the weirdest, funniest videos on the net. We share a love of rust and rotting wood, postcard landscapes, America (the good parts), and decaying industry."


ZE FRANK – "the show with zefrank" was a short video program produced Monday through Friday for one year (March 17, 2006 – March 17, 2007). Start by watching a popular episode or two—but realize that you’re joining a conversation already in progress. To catch up visit the "all about the show" page on the audience-created wiki.