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author: TOM (FAST MOVING ANIMALS) – duration: 00:57

From the vaults of the Vlogoshere comes this wonderful short video made by a guy called Tom who is operating under the name Fast Moving Animals. It’s rather unfortunate and peculiar that Tom didn’t post for two years, then published an new video this spring and after that silence again. But who are we to criticize that he? We sincerely hope Tom will be back, we like his work tremendously. Here’s what Tom had to say about this video:

This is about time passing. I’m not really happy with dates, especially here, on this page, i feel it’s just too methodical, it’s too linear, too 2D. There’s no place for chaos. I would love to see separate posts floating on the web page, like floating thoughts inside our heads… ready to pick up.”

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authors: ROBERT CROMA, J. S. BACH & GLENN GOULD – duration: 02:35

“November was NaBloPoMo.”

“Say What?”

“National Blog Posting Month.”



“Posting every day, for one month.”

“For What? Peace? Thank god someone got ill!”
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author: DAVE HUTH music: DAVID MICHAEL STITH – duration: 02:59

Besides being a technology teacher Dave Huth makes drawings, photographs and fascinating videos. So we better describe him as an artist although we doubt that he cares how he’s called. We also guess he is a believer (in God?) for the video that we are showing you now was submitted to a project called CONVERSATION GOD, described as: “Video bloggers in community having conversation about things God…”. Although Huth himself commented: “I didn’t intend for this to be a video about God specifically, it’s really more about me and my thoughts/feelings”. God or no God, it is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship (stop-motion).

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Introducing to you United Vloggers and wishing you a Happy New Year.

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duration: 03:28