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author: TOM (FAST MOVING ANIMALS) – duration: 00:57

From the vaults of the Vlogoshere comes this wonderful short video made by a guy called Tom who is operating under the name Fast Moving Animals. It’s rather unfortunate and peculiar that Tom didn’t post for two years, then published an new video this spring and after that silence again. But who are we to criticize that he? We sincerely hope Tom will be back, we like his work tremendously. Here’s what Tom had to say about this video:

This is about time passing. I’m not really happy with dates, especially here, on this page, i feel it’s just too methodical, it’s too linear, too 2D. There’s no place for chaos. I would love to see separate posts floating on the web page, like floating thoughts inside our heads… ready to pick up.”

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authors: SCOPITONES – duration: 03:05

How time flies! Today, exactly half a year ago, United Vloggers took off. Since then we published 47 posts; that’s an average of 7,8 per month, or 1.9 a week. That’s not bad but not good enough either. Therefore we hereby solemnly pledge to rejuvenate; more postings and more importantly: We will finally start assigning commissions to talented directors. Would you like to help us and become a commissioning editor for UV? Then please let us know: info[at]unitedvloggers[dot]com

Also we would love to see you sending us (perma)links to your favorite videos (not per se your own): submissions[at]unitedvloggers[dot]com

Thank you so much!

To rejoice our existence we present you a fantastic music video: BROOK BENTON, singing Mother Nature, Father Time. The video comes from a great site called SCOPITONES, completely dedicated to the illustrious Scopitone. A Scopitone was a film jukebox invented in France in the early 1960’s. The films, the precursors of todays music videos, were called Scopitones. This is what Time Magazine wrote in 1964:

Scooby-Ooby Scopitone
Aug. 21, 1964

“In some 500 bars, restaurants and servicemen’s clubs throughout the U.S., the center of attention these days is a monstrous new machine called Scopitone. It is a cross between a jukebox and TV. For $.25 a throw, Scopitone projects any one of 36 musical movies on a 26-in. screen, flooding the premises with delirious color and hi-fi scooby-ooby-doo for three whole minutes. It makes a sobering combination.

Scopitone, which has been the rage of France for the past four years, was invented by a firm that sounds as if it had been founded by Jules Verne; Compagnie d’Applications Mecaniques à Electronique au Cinéma et à Atomistique (CAMECA). Since then it has spread from Marseilles to Macao; Nikita Khrushchev even has one, loaded with Marxian uplift featurettes.

Actually, Scopitone’s “musies” are descended from U.S. Soundies, which during World War II filled bus terminals and B-girl grottoes with grainy, black-and-white productions of The Flat Foot Floogee with the Floy Floy and A Boy in Khaki, a Girl in Lace. Television and Lucky Strike’s Hit Parade put a merciful end to Soundies, but it looks as if Scopitone will be here to stay awhile.”

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