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author: DAVE HUTH – duration: 01:37

“We reap what we sow”…That’s all there is to say according to Dave Huth about his latest video. We revlogged one of his works before (CLICK HERE) for we do believe Dave Huth is a true vlog talent. But with this particular posting he promises to be up for another VLOGGIE this year. We just say Wow! Watch Dave’s daughter GLADIOLA proclaim a new revolution: All Toddlers Unite!

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author: DAVE HUTH music: DAVID MICHAEL STITH – duration: 02:59

Besides being a technology teacher Dave Huth makes drawings, photographs and fascinating videos. So we better describe him as an artist although we doubt that he cares how he’s called. We also guess he is a believer (in God?) for the video that we are showing you now was submitted to a project called CONVERSATION GOD, described as: “Video bloggers in community having conversation about things God…”. Although Huth himself commented: “I didn’t intend for this to be a video about God specifically, it’s really more about me and my thoughts/feelings”. God or no God, it is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship (stop-motion).

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