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author: JOLIE BLOND aka MARQUISDEJOLIE – duration: 01:26

It’s the 13th, time for a little nightmare; a short video we particularly like. Jolie Blond aka Marquisdejolie is a remarkable videoblogger. He is a former army veteran and vagabond who found a mission to…“write stories and produce factotum videos about bums, beggars, transients, hobos, vagrants, panhandlers, homeless veterans, the working homeless, homeless on wheels, idlers, slackers, crackheads, crack motels, lubbards, lobcocks, macrogasters, tweekers, chiromaniacs, creepies, creodants, crepehangers, face lickers, call girls, crack hos, strawberries, urban nomads and all manner of street denizens.”

We revlogged one of his bewitching poems before, CONTEMPLATING THE ENAMEL OF MORTALITY, in which tooth decay is used as a metaphor for aging and mortality. In our new revlog, Nicotine Toothache ChaCha, Marquisdejolie continues “about a toothache that made smoking painful and the cha cha I had to do to enjoy both.” Simply mesmerizing.

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