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authors: BREAK A LEG – duration: 04:37

Watch this waggish entre-acte from Break a Leg. Sitcom writer David Penn (played by director & co-writer Yuri Baranovsky) gets some cutting-edge suggestions for a better Internet show by his new nifty unasked-for bodyguard.

We revlogged their first baby half a year ago – CHECK!

Introduction by Michael Schaap.

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authors: LERNERT ENGELBERTS and SANDER PLUG – duration: 02:55

Oy Gevalt, the horror. And quite brilliant actually, come to think of it. Made by Sander Plug & Lernert Engelberts, the latter being a poet and filmmaker and a very dear & beloved former colleague @ Dutch public broadcaster VPRO. I do believe Lernert is a conceptual genius. Most of his work is in Dutch (see links below) but you’ll find a showreel with English subs by CLICKING HERE.

Chocolate Bunny was commissioned by CUT ‘N PASTE and sardonically this little masterpiece was transmitted by catholic broadcaster KRO and more specific, as part of their children’s program KRO’S KINDERTIJD.

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Engelbert’s television work is somewhat scattered around the net. Some links: WASKRACHT, HET GELUK VAN NEDERLAND & WROETEN


author: WESTACRE TV – duration: 02:52

Smartly written, very well acted and terribly witty. We hereby proclaim WestAcre TV, “the Greatest Story of the Mall”, to be VERY FUNNY INDEED. Thus being said you are kindly invited to subscribe to their RSS FEED and enjoy their latest episodes. Moreover, pay their site a visit and watch all episodes from the start, for it is a series that grows on you; the more you watch it, the better it gets.

Honestly inspired by THE OFFICE and the working experience at a Mall of writer and director Patrick Swinnea, it tells the story of… “the comical goings-on of the WestAcre Centre Shopping Mall employees. We originally created a single 80-minute MOVIE, looked at the exciting things happening in video podcasting and realized that WestAcre was perfect material for an episodic series. So we segmented the entire movie into WestAcre TV: Season 1, letting anyone watch it with the click of a button and allowing WestAcre to evolve according to viewer response. Best of all, it opens up the possibility for future WestAcre shorts and WestAcre TV: Season 2, all things that weren’t even possible just a few years ago.”

It’s the weekend, Go have a guffaw!

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authors: BREAK A LEG – duration: 09:59

Hallelujah for the hilarious independent internet sitcom Break a Leg! Produced on a shoestring, writers & brethren Vlad and Yuri Baranovsky (who is also appearing as the main character David Penn ) have proven themselves to be very talented indeed. With all the help of their friends of course, who are both crew and actors at the same time. Made with sheer love and devotion. Pleas enjoy part 1 of the pilot:

“David Penn has just gotten his sitcom, GROOMMATES, picked up. The problem is he’s remembering this from what appears to be a storage room, with what appears to be a gun to his head – that’s being held by what appears to be his would-be killer. It all started here and it all may just end here as well.”


Break a Leg is the story of David Penn, a writer who just got his first sitcom deal. Groommates, his show about three ex-grooms living with their two ex-wives, replaces the previous hit, Swamblers – a rollicking story of gambling cowboy swingers roughing it in the Wild West, Swambler-style. The writer/creator died – which is good news for David, because now he gets his own show.

Besides the regular trials and tribulations that come with shooting a sitcom, David has one other problem – he’s going to die at the end of the season. How? That remains to be seen. Why? That’s another important piece of information that David has yet to figure out. But as he narrates his story from beginning to end, one fact remains — he will die, in the storage room, with a gun to his head and the sounds of a fake laugh track in his ears.

Will Groommates be a hit? Will he win the hand of the feminist ex-Swambler-turned-secretary-turned-Groommate? Will he get the respect he deserves from the likes of Jennifer John Bradley, the director and Sebastian Windlethorpe III, the producer? Will Andy Corvell, the network head who has never actually been seen, keep Groommates on the air? And finally, will David, in fact, survive this ordeal?

A show not only about show business, but relationships, fame, entertainment, and death – Break a Leg is a mix of The Office and Arrested Development with a bit of murder thrown in, just for good measure.”

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