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TOUCH MY BODY (green screen version)


author: OLIVER LARIC – duration: 04:15

A while ago we revlogged ANIMAGIFAQTSI by Wreck & Salvage and someone was reminded by THIS WORK of Oliver Laric. Only a few days ago I a realized we must have met in Eindhoven at MU. Oliver Laric (1981, born in Innsbruck, Austria, lives in Berlin) is a wicked artist, working mainly with video and taking maximum advantage of the wonder called the Internet. He’s co-founder of the art blog VVORK and the collective NEEN, standing for: "Neenstars: a still undefined generation of visual artists. Some of them belong to the contemporary art world; others are software creators, web designers, and video game directors or animators."

Touch My Body is a conceptual miracle. Take Mariah Carey’s video, cut out every sound and image except for Maria and fill the rest with fluorescent green. Then publish it on YouTube and wait for the people to fill in the void. Insubordinate art for the masses, republished on his own site HERE. We curate a second chef-d’oeuvre by Laric: AIRCONDITION. You’ll love it. 

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authors: DANCE FLOOR DALE & FRIENDS – duration:

From the cultural underground of Ze Internetz we are more than delighted to serve you this smashing music video right up your booty… Wake up busters, it’s gonna get seriously funky! This phat video will definitely give you this week a head start. The track is Parisian Goldfish made by FLYING LOTUS, coming from his latest album Los Angeles (WARP RECORDS). It was directed by ERIC WAREHEIM (TIM & ERIC). The eye catching graphics & animation comes from DEVIN FLYNN and the editing and co-direction is done by ERIC FENSLER. Oh yeah, it was banned from YouTube. Can YouBelieve that?!

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authors: ZDOB SI ZDUB – duration: 04:07

An Editor’s pick by our new corespondent Paul Alexander, who is always on the hunt for obscure user generated music videos:

“Today no vlog on petty individualistic lives, but a clip on the merits of collectivism. Soviet life was not all misery, darkness and terror. Communism also had its share of entertainment. And rightly so: why shouldn’t toiling masses dance and listen to music? Since all Soviet workers in a recent past were peasants dancing folk dances in the woods, singing harvest songs in the fields, much of popular culture is drenched in folklore. A lot of footage from Soviet times is now available on the Internet and we capitalists are able to see for ourselves that life in the USSR could be very entertaining indeed!

We bring you a clip of the etno hardcore band Zdob si Zdub from the former Soviet state Moldova, poorest of all European countries. It is an enlightening parody on Soviet popular culture, with elements of collective farming, model factories and un-hip celebrities with heavy-rimmed glasses.”

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