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authors: DANCE FLOOR DALE & FRIENDS – duration:

From the cultural underground of Ze Internetz we are more than delighted to serve you this smashing music video right up your booty… Wake up busters, it’s gonna get seriously funky! This phat video will definitely give you this week a head start. The track is Parisian Goldfish made by FLYING LOTUS, coming from his latest album Los Angeles (WARP RECORDS). It was directed by ERIC WAREHEIM (TIM & ERIC). The eye catching graphics & animation comes from DEVIN FLYNN and the editing and co-direction is done by ERIC FENSLER. Oh yeah, it was banned from YouTube. Can YouBelieve that?!

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author: SARAH SILVERMAN – duration: 04:22

It’s all about the Jews! Didn’t you know that? Oy va voy, watch comedian Sarah Silverman explaining why all Jewish youngsters should pay their grandparents in Florida a visit to convince them Barack Hussein Obama is not an Angry Black Muslim. Seriously Funny.

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