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authors: NINA SIMONDS and STEVE GARFIELD – duration: 03:08

It’s cooking time on United Vloggers! And to celebrate that and more we start from this week with personal introductions by UV editor Michael Schaap (MACDOCMAN). First a revlog from Spices of Life. This witty & wonderful video blog is produced and directed by the unsurpassed early birdy mothervlogger Steve Garfield, who is most famous for his weekly vlog VLOGSOUP (“videoblog tours start here… join me in a trip around the Vlogosphere…”). Spices of Life is hosted by the frivolous NINA SIMONDS, a former televison host and author of books and articles on Asian cuisine and culture. This revlog is part 1 from 2, an introduction to the Japanese Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto… and his knifes. To watch part 2 CLICK HERE.

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