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author: RYANNE HODSON – duration: 03:16

One of the incredible facts of last campaign was the number of people canvassing for votes for Obama; an incredible army of 6 million people… One of them was our friend Ryanne. Not only did she canvass in rural Virginia, where she and her love Jay Dedman recently moved to, but she was a poll worker as well. For one day she was locked into the polling station. After that, there’s joy. And tears.

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authors: RYANNE HODSON and JAY DEDMAN – duration: 09:54

A Word of Warning: This is a graphic video. If you do not eat meat and think killing animals is bad, you should not watch this video.

So you like chicken eh? We continue cooking time on UV with a revlog from the other two early birdy mothervloggers Ryanne Hodson & Jay Dedman. Besides being very lovely and friendly people they are certainly no hypocrites. As they write:

“We live at The San Mateo Eco-Village, where we know our neighbors, garden together and learn how to live more sustainably. Part of living sustainably is eating local foods. Harvesting food from the garden and raising hens for eggs is about as local as you can get. When our neighbors Amy and Malaki arrived at the Eco-Village, they noticed a lack of eggs coming from the hens. Both have an agricultural background from years of working on a farm in Kenya. What do they do in Kenya when a bird gets too old to lay? They eat it. The whole damn thing! So we, as a community, decided to do just that. Most of us had never experienced living with chickens, let alone killing them for dinner. Growing up in the United States allows us to be vastly ignorant of where our food comes from- meat and vegetables alike. We thought this would be a good education for us city kids.”

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author: RYANNE HODSON – duration: 01:53

A camera can be a powerful tool; you may even use it as a weapon. So did Ryanne Hodson when she was harassed by some working men:

“I was just walking to Hat Factory yesterday with a big load of laundry and these dudes just started yelling out at me- “Woof Woof!” and “Hey Slim!”. At first I just ignored and walked by- the usual eye rolling moment. Then I remembered that, hell, I have a camera in my bag, I need to holla back. So I did. And I think they were a little surprised. This video is inspired by Brittany Shoot’s site HOLLABACKBOSTON, where she encourages ladies to turn the camera on their harassers and put it on the internet. So I holla’ed back! Maybe today they’ll just say “Hello” instead of “Woof Woof” when I walk by.”

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author: JAY DEDMAN – duration: 01:33

There was a time, long long ago, let’s say spring 2005, when videoblogging was as fresh as daisy. There was no YouTube, no Revver and the like; just a bunch of crazy video fanatics who discovered the beauty of publishing video on the net, using the technology that was already there: The technology of the weblog template in combination with RSS WITH ENCLOSURES. One of the founding fathers of videoblogging is Jay Dedman. Here’s how he introduced his own vlog, Momentshowing:

“What is Momentshowing? Well, it’s just a step beyond Storytelling, which was what we did when speaking was the only way to communicate. Now we are adding visual tools to our voices. You can record short Moments, arrange them, and post them with some words. I can then see people all over this planet show their world. Iraq, for instance. Michigan. Shinjuku. San Paulo. What’s it look like? News doesn’t show us but we can show each other. Funny, serious, weird. To me, this videoblogging thing is hot as shit. How often do you get to come in on something so new? My friend Peter and I jumped in after a two hour fevered talk through Central Park. Then we found other people on the web with simliar ideas. Make no mistake: we’re making all this up.”

We republished one of his earlier works before, LOOKING AT THINGS; today, because it’s spring (and exactly two years after this moment was posted) we revlog an early hommage to the love of his life, RYANNE HODSON.

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