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It’s D-Day. A final warning…


Famous Hollywood composer Danny Elfmann has worked on a lot of creepy movies (most of them by Tim Burton). But in a new ad produced for the last week of the presidential election, he reveals his greatest fear: a President Palin.

“These are troubled times in a volatile world. With unprecedented crises at home and abroad, we need sound judgment and a steady hand to lead the most powerful nation on Earth,” the ad begins, echoing some of the gravitas-laden ads targeting Barack Obama’s inexperience. But Elfmann’s ad takes a twist: “John McCain’s age and continuing battle with cancer makes the liklihood of him not completing his term higher than any president in American history. President Sarah Palin. Think about it.”

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  1. 1 Francisco

    I had to double check if this was done by Danny Elfmann. I’m no music fan of his. I really disliked his work in the Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas. I think I understand Varese so when I hear Elfmann’s work it’s unbearable. I do like some Morton Feldman and most Frank Zappa but Elfmann’s music has no place in my iTunes folder.

    With that said- I think he could have elaborated why Sarah Palin is such a doofus.

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