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authors: DANWEI TV, produced by: GOLDMINES FILMS – duration: 05:10

From China with sexiness: Meet Anna-Sophie Loewenberg, aka Su Fei (watch video for the associative meaning…) She appears regularly on Danwei TV as their “American Correspondent”, presenting Sexy Beijing :

“Sexy Beijing is a show about love, lust, youth culture and street life in China’s capital. In this episode, our heroine Su Fei goes around Beijing, asking Chinese people what their English names are, and why they need them. Who said China is not a creative country?”

Actually Danwei TV is not a TV show at all; it is a very entertaining Vlog about life and culture in China, in the urban sense that is. Besides Su Fei there’s the frequent presence of Jeremy Goldkorn, founder of Danwei, presenting the Hard Hat Show. Danwei TV is a cousin of DANWEI ORG., a cool site about media, advertising, and urban life in China.

?? or Danwei means (SOCIALIST) WORK UNIT by the way. And Smacker?

smacker|’smak’r| (also smackeroo |’smak’roo|)
noun informal
• a dollar : it set me back fifteen smackers.
• a loud kiss.

What’s in a name…

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Unfortunately Danwei’s RSS FEED is not working as it should be (it doesn’t work in iTunes or Democracy Player) due to the fact that Danwei stopped using Revver as host for their videos (they now only use crappy YouTube). Therefore we created an alternative feed: CLICK HERE