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author: JOLIE BLOND aka MARQUISDEJOLIE – duration: 02:19

Whatch and listen to Jolie Blond aka Marquisdejolie, this remarkable poet and videographer. We revlog his bewitching poem Contemplating The Enamel of Mortality, in which tooth decay is used as a metaphor for aging and mortality. A transcript of this poem you can find HERE.

This is what Blond writes about himself:

“I write stories and produce factotum videos about bums, beggars, transients, hobos, vagrants, panhandlers, homeless veterans, the working homeless, homeless on wheels, idlers, slackers, crackheads, crack motels, lubbards, lobcocks, macrogasters, tweekers, chiromaniacs, creepies, creodants, crepehangers, face lickers, call girls, crack hos, strawberries, urban nomads and all manner of street denizens.

I was a photojournalist and brigade newspaper editor for the army, becoming editor in chief of the St. Mary’s University student newspaper when I left the military, did some federal civil service work for a while until the V.A. (Veterans Affairs – ed.) maliciously screwed me up with my employer, became editor of a national magazine, owned and operated an escort agency and then dropped through the social safety net where the V.A. abandoned me when I needed them most, cheap, rotten, atavistic, calculatingly neglectful, pissant, byzantinian bureaucratic straw boss hypocrite false facade bastards that they are”.

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