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author: ROB PARRISH – duration: 01:56

On request of JAY DEDMAN we present you a beautiful work from Rob Parrish as part of our new series Milestones in Videoblogging. Watch this video and wonder about the philosophical fantasies of a night-janitor….

We’ve revlogged one of Parrish’s episodes before (CLICK HERE) and with good reason. For we believe that Parrish is somewhat of a genius. Here is what he does:

“I download movies from THE INTERNET ARCHIVE. I watch the movies. I write and record new audio. I re-cut the video to the new audio. Every Wednesday there will be a new movie.” Recently Parrish concluded his series with episode 52. As he writes: “This is not the end; I’m working on NTH Season Two. NTH’s second season will be in the spirit of the first, but will be something very different. Stay tuned for sneak peeks. I’m looking to roll out season two in the spring or summer of 2008.”

Thank you so much Rob for the fantastic job you did! We are very much looking forward to your new series.

Mail us your Milestones @ submissions[at]unitedvloggers[dot]com

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