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DANIEL LISS – duration: 03:51

We are in love with Daniel Liss. It’s that simple. For two years or so we have been following his footsteps. While funny enough he never really shows you himself, that is, his portret. At the same time he is telling a personal story where he shows you a lot but you have to have patience and use your brain. Just watch this video and be seriously mesmerized. It’s about life, poetry, music, visual enlightenment and more. Here are some comments on this work from admirers:

“beautiful. penetrating because of its lucidness. a moment settling into its reason. thanks for making videos that can be felt again & again.”

“wonderful. you’re allowing us to get inside your mind and your path of comprehension. to successfully express an artist’s mind is the most challenging and beautiful thing and you’ve certainly done so.”

“Oh man, I wish I could have you break down all of your films this way, like a director’s commentary version. I always feel like I get something out of them but wonder how much I miss. Now I’m pretty sure it’s much more than I thought. Awesome piece.”

We couldn’t agree more and strongly advise you to visit his site and subscribe to his feed (links below).

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author: DANIEL LISS – duration: 02:39

Niagara waterfalls, the pope, flying? Go, travel & wonder with Daniel Liss. We are simply smitten with his work. Then who is Daniel Liss? Well, if you GOOGLE HIM you’ll find out he has almost 5000 hits but interestingly enough you virtually won’t find any biographical data. He himself, when explaining who he is in his ‘about’ section on his site, keeps it nice and clean; he quotes WIRED:

“Daniel Liss transforms his urban existence into a sort of visual poetry, full of thoughtful observations, wry wit, and seductive imagery.”

We were dubious for quite some time what to revlog of his work and finally decided to do the first video for the Seven Maps project. Not the introduction video, which you CAN FIND HERE.

Here’s how Daniel proposed Seven Maps:

“Chance. Games. Rules. Challenges. Interactivity. Community. Collaboration. I’d like to push where I’m going with my work on pouringdown. And I’ve had this idea that I could push my process publicly. I will make seven videos. In the spirit of letting go of the reigns somewhat, the starting point of each of these videos will be a challenge put forth by the contributors to this project. The challenges (or ideas, or restrictions, or rules) can be geographical, social, aesthetic – they can be really anything.

The idea is to try to create conditions that could make me think differently – make me create differently. Once a video is posted, the ideas can start coming in for the next. Ideally, each video will lead to the challenges of the next, building momentum and weight over the course of the seven. There will be five human filters sifting through the feedback that comes in, distilling down the challenges for each consecutive piece. They’ll then present them to me. And I’m off again, running. And so on – for seven videos that could take me anywhere. And the idea is that you’ll be right there with me for all of this…”

Then came… The First Assignment:

WHERE: departs New York (La Guardia) at 7:59am. -arrives in Buffalo NY 9:20am -from there, Daniel takes a bus trip across to Niagra Falls (ticket can be bought at the site, giving Daniel time to stop for food or look around a bit -Once in Niagra Falls, he will be staying at the Best Western Fireside, within walking distance of major attractions

WHAT: Make a video about journeys, transportation, dislocation, confusion. This one is all about departures and arrivals.

TECHNICAL RESTRICTION: Tell the story out of order. No voice over, no overlaid text.

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Many people donated money to the project through HAVE MONEY WILL VLOG (how we love HMWV!).