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AMY (part 1)

author: MARíA GÓMEZ – duration: 06:10

Vlogger María Gómez moved from Colombia to the US some years ago, as did many of her fellow countrymen. In fact, 4 million Colombians live outside Colombia (BBC article HERE). After hearing many moving stories from these exiles Maria decided to do a vlog project about their lives; the Colombia Migration Project. We choose to revlog part 1 of an interview with Amy. María writes about her:

“Amy is originally from Cali, Colombia. She studied nursing before migrating to the U.S. In her thirty years in NYC Amy has gone through very difficult moments but thanks to her brave spirit she is now working in her field (nursing) and she holds a good position at the NGO she works for. Amy is the co-founder of the Center for Immigrant Families in NYC. She was a member of the school board for seven years.

She worked in the lower East Side taking over abandoned buildings and creating community gardens. She currently lives in the Lower East Side in a co-op building that she and her friends squatted in the eighties. Amy has done an admirable community work and she is mother of a nineteen year old girl. She was named “Woman of the Year” by El Diario La Prensa in NYC”.

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