authors: BONNY PIERZINA & LAN BUI – duration: 02:50

There’s no such thing as universal humor, so if you don’t find this revlog funny, hey don’t feel stupid! But we think this is as waggish as can be: Bonny Pierzina reporting from Ontario California, not to be confused with Ontario Canada. Bonny, together with her husband Lan Bui started producing their vlog Noodle Scar exactly one year ago (congrats!): At first with irregular & absurd news reports and since the 1st of January of this year with a 15 seconds Daily show. Although we like the concept of dailies we do hope they will continue their odd reports: Bonny’s understating wittiness is irresistible. Check!

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1 Response to “ONTARIO CA-NADA”

  1. 1 Lan Bui

    Thanks for revlogging Noodle Scar!

    I would like to add one thing, Vu Bui (my brother) is also a huge part of the Noodle Scar team.

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