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Deadline: Post-It Stop Motion

The chappie who made this Post-It Note-fuelled stop motion frenzy needs to be crowned the Undisputed King of Procrastination, like now! Instead of focusing on his studies at Savannah College of Art and Design, he decided to spend every waking moment for what we estimate to be a VERY long time, sticking and unsticking Post-it Notes to his wall, with an enviable dedication to his ultimate vision: a 2-minute stop motion animation called DEADLINE. Then he did something very clever. He decided to present his procrastination project as his senior project, thus assuaging both his workload and his boredom. Genius!

While a heated Youtube-comment-battle rages on as to the presence of digital manipulation (or lack thereof), creator Bang-yao Liu is racking up the Youtube hits at a rate of knots. He might even get a job in the withering creative industry once he graduates. Go Bang-yao!

P.s. kids you can stop arguing now, check the making of.

The Buried Life: 100 Things To Do Before You Die

Aah the blissful optimism of youth! Way back in 2006, the four buddies that are The Buried Life set off, equipped with little more than a video camera, an R.V, and an insatiable appetite for that crazy game they call “life” to travel across the States, with a mission to knock items off their “100 things to do before I die” list. From the Steve-O inspired (go down a mountain on a longboard), to the socially conscious (help someone build a house), they vowed to help a stranger achieve a life goal for each item they accomplished. Lucky for them, not so long ago, the execs at MTV had been scratching their addled heads in search of new ideas to win back their audiences who, bored of escapist trash, turned off in search of Obama-style civic-minded optimism. They wooed the Buried Life boys with an offer they couldn’t refuse (presumably), and Bingo! The boys will be back this summer with 53 more missions to complete, and lots of strangers to pleasantly surprise.

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