We felt unable to let the Iranian Twitter / Youtube phenomena go unmentioned here at UV Towers. In a mass uprising against rigged election results, the people of Iran have superseded censorship, recording masses of footage of police violence against peaceful protesters, and tweeting it to the world via their mobile phones. Marking a veritable grass-roots shift in media ownership, it awaits to be seen whether the wealth of damning content will actually affect the outcome of this controversial election. Thousands have risked jail and torture to let the world know what is happening on the streets of Tehran, prompting us to question the moral parameters around citizen journalism in oppressive societies. As the debate continues, the clever people over at Boingboing have compiled a handy list of Dos and Dont’s for Twitterers who want to promote the Iranian cause. Meanwhile, Ben Parr at Mashable have compiled a Top 10 most significant videos to surface from Iran in recent days. Sensational stuff.